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Friday, June 17, 2011

Rio 3D Movie Review

Parents need to know that this animated adventure is colorful, musical, and romantic.
There are a couple of frightening characters -- most notably a scary white cockatoo who relishes harming his fellow birds -- and a few bird smugglers (though most of them are dimwitted and not nearly as cold-blooded as their hench-bird).

A couple of birds try to give the main character advice on how to attract his potential mate, and there are many sightings of men and women in skimpy/skin-tight Carnival costumes. Both the main lovebirds and their owners fall in love, so there are a few scenes of flirting and embracing, plus one brief kiss or nuzzle. Characters also use some insulting words, such as "idiots," "stupid," "losers," and "shut up." Linda and Jewel are strong, selfless female characters who are willing to put themselves at risk for freedom (and their loved ones), and kids and parents will learn a good bit about Brazilian customs, particularly Carnival, and what makes Rio such a unique place. 

Note: The movie is playing in 3-D in some theaters, which makes some scenes more vivid/intense.


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